The Kitchen God’s Wife, Amy Tan

Well, I finished this yesterday and started to read Stolen Life today, and I am absolutely picking a happy book next. (Dorothy, I am avoiding Cormac McCarthy like the plague. I am too fragile!)

Without dwelling on some of the more emotionally trying parts of the story, I would like to state first that I really loved the structure of the novel. Pearl starts out narrating the story and bookends it – but her mother, Winnie/Weili, takes over the bulk of the text as she reveals her past and her secrets to her daughter. Pearl resumes the narrative towards the end. I thought this structure was really effective, since it addressed many facets of Winnie’s identity; Pearl’s narration provided an easy access point to her family’s history and quirks, and Winnie’s gave the book its heft.

I am easily made sad or happy or, well, anything, by books. (And TV shows. And movies. I cried at the Tigger Movie, y’all – not a proud moment.) And family stories always get to me, so this was right up my wheelhouse for tugging-at-my-heartstrings. I didn’t read it very critically, so that means bonus points for Amy Tan’s plotting, and I am really looking forward to picking a happier book soon.

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