Neonomicon, Alan Moore

I went to see a movie last night and ended up getting home late, late, late – well, late when you have to be at work at 8:15. Farid loaned me this book and I thought I would read a few pages before bed, and a few pages turned into… well… the entire thing.

First of all: let’s all just take a second and agree that Alan Moore is a genius. Agreed? Good.

Second: Alan Moore writes some really messed up stuff.

Last year I read From Hell for Bookstravaganza and it absolutely blew me away. This didn’t have the same effect (because guys, From Hell is basically a perfect book and very few things compare to it) but it was still really interesting in a messed-up sort of way. I admire Moore’s ability to create entire worlds and mythologies. I also want to know where he finds his artists, because the art in this was really good. Is there a waiting list to draw for Alan Moore?

One thing there shouldn’t be: a waiting list to read Alan Moore. He’s not for everyone (this book is graphic, it’s messed up, you might even have nightmares) but I do think everyone should give him a chance because he’s a master of unconventional storytelling and we need more of those.

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