“Who Could That Be at This Hour?”, Lemony Snicket

“‘You may be right,’ she said, a phrase which here meant ‘I’m wrong, but I don’t have the courage to say so.'”

I missed Lemony Snicket and his wit. I will never be too old for the authors and the books that I loved in my youth.

If you were unaware that Lemony Snicket had a new series out, I’m glad I could inform you of it now. All the Wrong Questions. It’ll be a four book series of sort-of prequels to A Series of Unfortunate Events. This series follows a young Lemony Snicket from the beginning of his apprenticeship to VFD. The adults are still as useless, the places and their histories as strange, and the seemingly arbitrary objects as significant.

Enjoy as I did.

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