Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver

“We are at the top of Niagara Falls . . . in a canoe. We got here by drifting, but we cannot turn around for a lazy paddle back when you finally stop pissing around. We have arrived at the point of an audible roar. Does it strike you as a good time to debate the existence of the falls?”

I’m forcing myself to read, you guys. Cormac McCarthy ruined me. The antidote theoretically lies in reading Barbara Kingsolver and meeting Marina’s flight at the airport and helping Farid buy new jeans (and they’re great jeans, y’all – the man looks good in a slim-fit). I’m feeling a little better, but I want to re-read this book when I haven’t just been gutted by necrophiliac prose.

Ha. So. Let’s talk about B-Kingz. No, I don’t actually call her that. I don’t think she’d like to be called that. As I tweeted earlier, Barbara Kingsolver is my spirit animal. I haven’t read anything by her that I haven’t liked. I think I mentioned this last year: I was broken up with while reading Prodigal Summer and that didn’t wreck the book for me, because Barbara Kingsolver is just that good. This book’s a bit strange because it’s far and away her most modern book, and references to Barack Obama and iPods aren’t something I expect from her but she makes them work.

Things about this book that I liked: the power of female friendship, the importance of genuine partnership, science, butterflies, environmental politics, lush descriptions, killer dialogue-driven scenes, well-written child characters, and the list could go on forever so I will stop there.

Things about this book that I didn’t like: I read it right after reading Child of God, and no matter what you read after Child of God you aren’t going to be able to exorcise the rape scenes, so, you know. But that’s not Kingsolver’s fault.

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