Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad

“The horror! The horror!”

(because what else was i supposed to put here?)

I quaffed the heart of darkness, and it left me feeling ill. One cannot storm through the Heart of Darkness. It must be paused on. You must stay the night. Who knows what my thoughts on this book will be in the morning.

This is another story that I thought I should read for my degree, and it is one that I’ll need to return to in a few years. I’ll pace it out over more than a couple of hours, and perhaps I’ll understand Kurtz as more than a symbol.

I don’t believe there is a page in this book where the word “dark” or “darkness” does not appear.

I wish to read a scene in which the Intended is told Kurtz’s true final words.

I will not keep you here for I am eager to move onto another book.

Current Total: 5


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