The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach

When I first picked up The Art of Fielding and began reading, I worried that it was a poor choice for Bookstravaganza. For one, it’s 500-pages long — not the ideal length so early in the competition, especially while finals and packing and teary farewells invade your free time. On top of that the book is about baseball, or at least about people who play baseball.

I am not a sports book person.

This was one of the books I downloaded to my Kobo before leaving for Italy. I wanted a vast library of reading material to choose from, because who knows what sort of books you’re going to be craving in two months time? The Art of Fielding was one of four or five books I downloaded on a whim after John Green (beloved author) vlogged about them. So I had no preconceived notions going in, other than John Green said it was good.

And boy, was it good. I can’t bring myself to regret reading this book, even if I am far behind my personal reading goals. The language is overwhelming, the characters are fully realized and engaging, and even the baseball parts are enjoyable!

Harbach really excels at writing dialogue — especially arguments. There’s a certain cadence to an argument that I find hard to capture in writing, with people saying one thing and thinking another, responding while trying to analyze the other person’s meaning… Harbach does this beautifully.

I’m not telling you much about the book right now, for which I apologize. Just… go read it. Be surprised, like I was.


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