Lullabies for Little Criminals, Heather O’Neill

“I was put here…to see sadder things. [I] had to stand in the rain and explain why the world was a lovely place.”

Baby, Lullabies‘ protagonist, is the girl that Justin Bieber wrote “Baby” about. Okay–this might be a stretch. But Baby’s hope that her father will one day give a reciprocal shit about her is similar to how Beliebers foster delusions of marrying the Biebs.

This Bildungsroman devastates the heart for most of its pages, but disappoints (at least my brain) at the end. Everything ends more tidily than I could believe. You can’t pile a bunch of shit on a character and then polish her clean in the end. However, maybe I’m wrongly assuming that Baby’s life can only travel up hill from the end.

Despite the poor ending, this novel’s worth a read.  You’ll cheer for the beautiful moments in Baby’s life, and at Baby’s poor choices, you’ll find yourself being all like, “Baby, Baby, Baby, oh! Like, Baby, Baby, Baby, no!”

In lieu of an apology for the Bieber references, please accept a link to the song from the novel:

Quand je te detesterai, je mettrai ma casquette.

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